Judge Hugh Tellem

The Honorable Judge Hugh Tellem currently presides over the bench at BestRantWins.com.  Born and raised in Screamersville, VA, Hugh went on to perform his undergraduate work at the Drivers Training Institute in Hoot and Holler Crossing, TX.

While arguing what he deemed a wrongful parking ticket, Hugh got his first taste of the judicial system; he lost his case, but found his calling.  Three years later, Mr. Tellem obtained his law degree, graduating with 3 gold stickers from The Lance Ito School of Law and Culinary Arts in Yelling Settlement, AL.

As a young lawyer, Hugh's legendary courtroom rants twice resulted in contempt of court citations, and earned him plenty of "extra-curricular" time in Judge's Chambers.  Sensing impending burnout from fruitless arguing, Hugh decided to pursue a career on the bench.  Returning home to Screamersville,
Judge Tellem now applies his courtroom wisdom and suspect decision-making to judging the rants at BestRantWins.com, where he exercises unlimited, though often misguided, final authority.